Great Ideas for Celebrating Advent: December 2016

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From Great ideas on celebrating Advent this season as a family! Advent is the season when we prepare ourselves to receive God’s gift of Jesus. It is a time of “getting ready” for the celebration of Christmas. Here are some ways you can prepare yourself and your family for celebrating Jesus’ birth: Make an Advent wreath. The wreath, because it is a circle, symbolizes God’s never-ending love. The wreath, because it is green, symbolizes life. An Advent wreath contains four candles representing the four Sundays leading to Christmas. Many people place a white candle in the center of the wreath to symbolize Jesus. You can make a wreath using a Styrofoam base, greenery, and purple candles. If you do not have a Styrofoam base, place your candles in candleholders. Arrange them in a circle, with the white candle in the middle. Place greenery around the candles. Make an Advent … Read More