Walking with God

The Good News is…

God sent his son into the world to save us, because he loves us, no matter what!

At Lakeway UMC we celebrate the Good News that God sent his Son into the world to save us and that through the grace of the Christ event, proved His love for us and for all of creation.

Why Christianity?

As a community that focuses on God’s grace, we believe that no matter how undeserving we are, God offers us love and salvation. Because of that, we offer others love and community and a way to draw closer to God.

Good News!

The fact that God sent his son to live on earth, and to die and be raised from the dead, is good news! It means that everything in our lives that is dead, whether it be relationships, careers, or our spiritual life, can be raised to new life in Christ!

Lakeway UMC Community Prayer

Learning more…

Faith is a journey. All of us are working to grow closer to God and to be more like Christ. It is important to be surrounded by a community of people who are on the same journey.

Why belong to a Church?

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes everything seems to fall into place, and at other times it all seems to unravel. Regardless of what our lives are like at the moment, we were created to share our life journey with others…we were created to live in community. So many things in our culture make us feel alienated and alone, and as Genesis tells us, we were not meant to be alone. We can live a life of faith, surrounded by people who love us and support us and pray for us … that is what church offers that the secular world does not.